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Joint free slabs is a multi-award winning, patented system for slab on grade pavements constructed using our innovative method of catering for concrete shrinkage. In traditional slabs on grade control joints are installed for this purpose. Joint Free Slabs Pty Ltd has developed a crack inducer grid that eliminates the need for all control joints.

Mt Sheridan Plaza Mt Sheridan Plaza, the first major project to utilize joint free slabs

The joint free slabs crack inducer grid consists of plastic tubes and four way junctions that are assembled on site and installed on the ground, their primary purpose being to induce a closely spaced network of fine cracks throughout the entire length and breadth of the slab. With this system vast areas of slab on grade can be constructed much faster than is possible using traditional details, and there is the potential for sizeable direct savings in both the construction cost and the construction time. Added to this, the aesthetics of the finished floor are superior and the cost of ongoing maintenance is significantly reduced. All in all, joint free slabs can be summed up in three words: better, quicker, cheaper.

Assembly and installation of the crack inducer grid is very simple and requires no special skill. Extruded plastic crack inducer tubes are supplied to each project cut to length, and these push snugly onto the moulded plastic junctions which double as bar chairs for support of the reinforcement mesh. The only on-site cutting required for the crack inducers is at penetrations and possibly some sections of the perimeter. The set-out of the grid on each project is sufficiently flexible to generally avoid the need for on-site cutting of the grid elements around the perimeter.

CIA Award for Excellence

The joint free slab method of detailing and placing concrete pavements is patented in Australia (Patent No 726864), and patents have been applied for in many countries around the world.

Joint free slabs received industry recognition when just twelve months after the system was launched Building Innovations received an Award for Excellence from the Concrete Institute of Australia at its biennial conference in 2001. The Award was presented in the Concrete Technology category, recognising "construction techniques and innovation that contribute to the understanding and use of concrete." Joint Free Slabs was also awarded the Attendee's Choice Award for the Most Innovative Product in the Construction Supplies category at World of Concrete 2008 in Las Vegas.

Joint free slabs are now being specified and installed repetitively in projects for some of Australia's largest national retail chains.

Woolworths Bi-Lo Officeworks Coles SuperCheap Auto K-Mart Qantas BP Big W

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